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Tag: luxury


The Making of the Penfolds Ampoule


This short about the ‘making of the Penfolds Ampoule’ is just sublime and so beautifully produced. Oh to have the means to purchase one!

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Branding a start-up luxury fashion product


We’ve just carried out a full identity programme for a small start-up luxury fashion retailer that sells one of a kind hand-made silk Cashmere Pashmina. Check out the full visual collateral below.

Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-1 Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-2 Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-3 Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-5 Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-6

Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-7 Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-8 Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-9 Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-10 Ladess-Projects-LJE-740x500-11

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