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12 considerations for a successful brand refresh


Recently Brave Brands has completed a number of large brand refresh projects. These refreshment exercises were undertaken on average over a six to eight month period of research, deliberation, creation, and creative execution all remotely from another country to the actual client. In the end, everything came together successfully, but it was a challenging process at times.

For those contemplating a brand refresh or just the curious, here are 12 prerequisites that should be considered for a successful brand refresh.

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5 reasons why you might need a brand refresh


There comes a time in the life of many of companies and organisations to carry out a brand refresh, but how do you know when that time is? Even the most successful, established companies update their branding from time to time as their market, their products, and style trends fluctuate. A flourishing business in the present moment is no excuse for getting too comfortable with the status quo.

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iDiots by Big Lazy Robot VFX


This excellent little gem landed in my inbox earlier, so just had to share. Makes you think though doesn’t it, the power of a successful brand and how we are all ‘followers’.

Find out more about the makers of this great little film, by visiting them at Big Lazy Robot VFX