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Heritage Photography Exhibition

Design / Events

Qatar: Reflections of the past, moments from our present – Is a unique journey made through the lenses of the late French photographer Alain Saint-Hilaire and Qatar’s Rashed Al Mohannadi, who have both created a collection of rare historical images of the country, its leaders and its people, together with insightful moments captured of modern day Qatar.

The photography exhibition is part of Maersk Oil Qatar’s commitment to promoting the understanding and preservation of Qatar’s cultural heritage, its vision, and its continuing development. It is a celebration both of the country’s rich heritage and culture, and its incredible transformation into a vibrant and modern nation.


Commissioned by Qatar based Rashed Photography, we were tasked with the creation and development of the photography exhibition that was being held within a Qatari International Trade Fair in Berlin for their client Maersk Oil Qatar.

Due to the extremely high profile nature of this event, many considerations had to taken into account in the design of this relatively simple request, primarily that members of the Qatari ruling family and other dignitaries will be visiting the gallery, and that of the hotels current guests. Hence a simple corridor style gallery was created that gave ample space to showcase the photography and allowed for easy walk through access to the hotels guests; above all that, the gallery was manufactured to the highest of quality standards as found in the top permanent galleries.


Project Management
Exhibit Graphic Design
Promotional Collateral


Exhibit Design: The Big Picture

Manufacture: Armin Duwe Messebau

Heritage Photography:
Alain Saint-Hilaire, Rashed Al Mohannadi

Client: Maersk Oil Qatar