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Iceni Waters

Design / Digital / Events / branding / Packaging

Iceni English natural mineral water is drawn from a chalk aquifer that lies beneath the South Cambridgeshire countryside in the heart of England. Named after the famous East Anglian tribe ruled by Boudicca in 60AD its aim is to compete with many of the major brands already on the market. The majority of bottled water in the UK is consumed in London and Iceni is the closest source of pure natural water to the capital.

Water helps our bodies work to its optimum balance. Its essential in keeping our skin radiant and supple but also aids the heart and kidney functions in fighting infections and digestion. The Bottom line is, a healthy amount of water helps maximise your body’s mental and physical fitness and that’s been proven.

As well as their own brand label they supply water and bottling for other brands including Belu, a charity who Iceni are about to launch a sparkling version of their water in the near future.


We were first approached by Iceni Waters when they were first launching the brand to the market to develop their website. Launching into the Natural Mineral Water market is no mean feat. In the last 40 years the bottled water industry has gone from a business prospect that few took very seriously, to a huge global industry worth billions of pounds. As a commodity, it remains simple, however, the way we think about it has completely changed. Water is natural, pure and sourced at minimal cost. Its real value lies in the way its marketing and branding works to engage and persuade us with the benefits and outcome if we don’t drink enough water.

In essence, as the product is all about natural and clean, we kept the look of the website also clean and simple, allowing the images of lifestyle and product to stand out. We also kept the colour pallet down to a very minimum throughout the site’s layout. Navigation was simple and concise with no fuss. Video content and flash animation is used to show the process, source and benefits. The site also benefits from a CMS which allows for the administrator to easily upload images and news articles. Our Brand Development service also played a key part in ensuring the lifestyle images used portrayed the target audience and engaged correctly on the right level it was intended for.

We also designed the labelling and multi-pack wraps, not just for Iceni’s own brand but for a series of other brands who Iceni supply.


Identity Creation
Sales & Marketing Collateral
Art Direction
Website Design & Development

Website: Iceni Waters
Website Development: Brave Creative